The Yaroslavl Region has a forest fund with a total area of ​​1,772,500 hectares, including 1,628,000 hectares covered with forest vegetation. The area of ​​the forestry area is 45 percent.
   The main forest-forming species of the forest fund are birch, aspen, spruce, pine, oak. More than 60 percent (1,008,100 hectares of land) are occupied by plantations of soft-leaved species. The area of ​​coniferous forests is 618 200 ha.
   Hardwood forests are represented by a low-oak form of oak tree and occupy an area of ​​1,700 ha in the southern part of the region. The total timber stock in the forest fund is 241,100,000 cubic meters, of which coniferous - 121,000,000 cubic meters (20, 4 percent). The average age of plantations is 50 years, the annual increase in the stock of plantations is 3, 4 cubic meters per hectare.



   The limited liability company "Volga Forest Trade Company" (abbreviated as VOLTKOM LLC and the corporate name "VOLTKOM") was formed on the basis of the limited liability company "Yaroslavl House Building Company" (abbreviated LLC "YADSK"), which from 2008 to 2015 . Produced lumber and round logs, and also engaged in the design and construction of country houses.
   The main activity of the company since December 2015 is the year-round harvesting and sale of timber.


Our procurement base, with a loading railway dead end for 4 cars, is located in Rybinsk, Yaroslavl region, Russia. The shipment station is 31230 Rybinsk-Commodity (Northern railway). The total annual volume of shipments can reach-30000 m3 of timber. Large loggers and forest users from different regions of the country cooperate with us.


The company, in 2016, against the background of increasing market activity in the export of timber, entered into partnership contracts with the timber trade companies of the Kirov region and the Perm region. As a result, the volume of wood supply to China increased 4-fold. It's no secret that the plywood ridge of these regions is famous for its excellent quality, which will satisfy any, even the most demanding buyer.


   The company guarantees the supply of quality timber, in accordance with the proposed specifications, and on the basis of the contract concluded.
   Separate acquaintance with the technical specifications and specifications for the supplied timber, you can on the page "Services", our site.



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